Shout DJ Service
Customary Schedule of Rates
Prices vary depending on service needed, event type as well as time required. We can mix and match services as
needed and adjust pricing accordingly. We price each event individually. We are very competetive with standard local
rates. Even with providing professional service such as a wedding. Bottom line is, we can provide professional service
at a price you can work with.

We give promotional pricing to all Church Events.
I have provided services free to certain church events. Please understand that not all events will qualify as a "free event" due to
the operating cost we must incure.
We will do all within our power to meet your budget and event needs. Call around and get a quote, then call me and see!

Don't let pricing stop you from calling or emailing us, we recognize that each event is different and unique and we
understand that you may need some options. We will work with you on getting the right price for the right service.

Consultations are always free.

Contact Michael (512) 809-5224 ----- text ok -----just not while driving :-)